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Fit Bot - Deep Muscle Massager

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 Relieve Those Constant Aches And Muscle Tightness Once And For All With Fit Bot- The Deep Muscle Massager That cures All.

We are introducing the FIT BOT™️
The better and smarter way to relax your muscles. 

This personal handheld massage gun helps you overcome muscle soreness, relieve body fatigue, combat stiffness, and spasms when your leg muscles are sore. 

Get the FIT BOT™️ Featuring our patent Technology Premium rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and Pressure Sensor Technology Six-speed settings, and four interchangeable head attachments.

Special Wholesale Price $44.99 

Special Wholesale Price $44.99 

Includes multiple massage heads that allow you to target even the tightest of muscles aches directly and much more in-depth. Boosting blood flow throughout the muscles and giving you a speedy recovery.

Super lightweight and easy to carry around. You can throw it in your bag and take it with you anywhere and use it before and after workouts so that you're muscles are pain-free and ready to work.

Special Wholesale Price $44.99 

Great to use for not only relieving muscle pain but also help to fix any imbalances or any severe joint pain you may have, such as tennis elbow, knee tendonitis, etc. Helping you create longevity so that your body doesn't break down.

It's not just our outstanding products that have kept us in business for as long as possible. It's our never-ending dedication to improving the experience every time you do business with us. With the FIT BOT™️, we aim to give you a smarter, simpler, and more effective way to relieve that muscle tension so that you can enjoy your days pain-free.

Note: Case not included.


Effective- Much more effective than your traditional foam roller. Gets in deeper, more accurate, and pinpoints those trouble areas instead of just rolling them over and going through the motions.

Relieves muscle tightness- Breaks up the tightness and delivers more blood flow all throughout the muscle. Giving your muscles better oxygen and relieving the tightness and constant aches.

Fits In Your Bag- Without taking up a lot of space. Making it easy to bring with you to the gym so you can use it before and after an intense workout.


Use On Any Body Part Suitable for thick muscle tissue Suitable for cervical vertebra massage Suitable for massaging body joints Suitable for full-body muscle massage relaxation Level 1 to Level 6, pulse frequency 1200 rpm/min- 3200 rpm/min.

It’ll shut off after about 30 mins to avoid over-use or potential hazards.

To restart, just turn it on again. Level 1 Muscle Awakening Level 2 Fascial relaxation Level 3 Decompose lactic acid Level 4 Deep massage (Recommended for skilled operators), Level 5 Professional mode (Recommended for skilled operators)



--Power Charger input:16.8V 100~240V 2A
--Battery Type: Li-ion
--Capacity: 4*2500mAh battery inside
--Stand by Running Hours: 3-6 Hours
--Working Hour: 3-5 Hours
--With Handle Box Weight: 1560g



Note: Limited Quantity Available Get Yours Now.  

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