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Blood Glucose Test Monitoring Smart Watch


Monitoring your health has never been so convenient and comprehensive. Introducing the Blood Glucose Monitoring Smartwatch, a game-changing wearable that combines fitness tracking with essential health monitoring features, including blood glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate. Say hello to a healthier, more informed you.

This Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Test Smart Watch goes beyond standard fitness tracking by offering non-invasive Blood Glucose Testing Watch. Keep tabs on your blood sugar levels without the need for painful pricks. Get real-time data and gain insights into your glucose levels to manage your health effectively. Track your steps, calories burned, distance covered, and more. Set goals, monitor progress, and optimize your workouts. Maintain a balanced diet and weight management with the integrated calorie counter.

This Comprehensive Health Tracking Smartwatch With built-in sensors, this smartwatch monitors your blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate, providing a holistic view of your cardiovascular health. Stay informed about vital health metrics and detect anomalies early. Whether you're an avid athlete or simply aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle, this Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch serves as your fitness companion. Monitor your daily calorie intake and expenditure, helping you make informed choices for your nutrition.


  • Health reminders, fitness, and activity tracking.
  • Achieving restorative sleep is crucial for overall well-being.
  • Comprehensive health insights, non-invasive blood glucose testing.
  • Achieve your fitness goals and lead a more active lifestyle with the help of comprehensive activity-tracking features.

The Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure smartwatch provides insights into your sleep patterns, helping you make adjustments to improve the quality and duration of your sleep. Stay connected while keeping your phone in your pocket. Receive notifications for calls, messages, and app alerts directly on your wrist, allowing you to stay informed without disruption. Monitor your vital health metrics with ease, helping you proactively manage your well-being. Set customizable health reminders, such as medication schedules and hydration alerts, to maintain a healthy routine.

Elevate your health monitoring game with the Blood Oxygen Tracking Smartwatch with its non-invasive blood glucose testing, comprehensive health tracking, fitness monitoring, and smart notification features, this wearable device empowers you to take control of your health like never before. Embrace a healthier and more informed lifestyle with this smartwatch as your trusted companion. Invest in your health today.




  • Health & Fitness Features: Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Communication & Utility Features: Calendaring
  • Compatible Operating System: Ios8
  • Power Mode: USB
  • Operating Voltage: ≤36V
  • wireless property: other wireless functions
  • Battery Properties: Rechargeable Battery
  • Rechargeable Battery: Lithium Battery-Button Battery
  • Water Resistance Level: IP67