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Electric Heating USB Charging Shoulder Brace Massager

When shoulder pain strikes, finding relief and support becomes a top priority.

Our Tendonitis Shoulder Brace, combined with the Electric Heating Vibration Shoulder Massager, offers an innovative and effective solution for soothing shoulder discomfort and promoting recovery. Making it a must-have for those dealing with tendonitis, sore muscles, or any shoulder-related issues. Discover the ultimate in-shoulder support and comfort.


Our Electric Heating Vibration Shoulder Brace combines heat therapy and soothing vibrations to relax tense muscles and promote blood circulation. This dual-action approach delivers immediate relief and accelerates the healing process. This is an Adjustable Shoulder Brace. The Shoulder Massager Support Belt is designed to provide stability and compression to the shoulder joint. It offers customizable support with adjustable straps, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for both left and right shoulders. Forget about constantly buying batteries or searching for a power source. Both the shoulder massager and brace are USB rechargeable, offering a hassle-free and eco-friendly solution. No power bank is required.


  • Instant pain relief from discomfort.
  • Improved blood circulation speeds.
  • This shoulder brace is a customizable fit.
  • Easy to use, USB charging.

The Tendonitis Heated Shoulder Pad is crafted from breathable and skin-friendly materials, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day. The Pain Relief Massager is compact and portable, allowing you to enjoy its benefits anytime, anywhere. The combination of heat, vibration, and support helps alleviate a range of shoulder issues, including tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, muscle strains, and general soreness. It's an ideal choice for athletes, office workers, and anyone seeking relief from daily shoulder strain. Suitable for a wide range of shoulder issues and compatible with both left and right shoulders.

Don't let shoulder pain limit your daily activities and hinder your well-being. Our Heating pain Relief Massager is a powerful combination designed to alleviate discomfort, accelerate healing, and improve overall shoulder health. Experience the soothing effects of heat and vibration therapy, along with the tailored support of the adjustable brace, all without the hassle of constantly replacing batteries or seeking power sources. Embrace the freedom of pain-free shoulders and regain control of your life. Invest in your comfort and well-being today!



  • Type: USB rechargable
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only
  • Closure Type: Buckle