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RGB Smart Light Bar Alarm Clock


Experience a more natural and soothing way to start your day with our Rhythm RGB Light Bar Alarm Clock. This multifunctional device is not just an alarm clock; it's a sunrise simulator, dimmable table lamp, and fast wireless charger all in one elegant package. Say goodbye to jarring alarms that disrupt your peaceful slumber.

The Smart Light Sunrise Alarm Clock gently eases you into your day by simulating a natural sunrise. As your chosen wake-up time approaches, the light gradually brightens, mimicking the changing hues of the morning sun. This gradual illumination helps regulate your body's circadian rhythm, leaving you feeling more refreshed and energized. Our Smart Wireless Charger Alarm Clock is not just a practical addition to your bedroom. By seamlessly combining sunrise simulation, dimmable lighting, and wireless charging capabilities.

The Wake Up Light Alarm Clock features a fast wireless charger on its surface, allowing you to charge your compatible devices without fumbling for cords and adapters. Simply place your smartphone or other Qi-enabled device on the charging pad, and it will power up effortlessly, keeping you connected and ready to tackle your day. This Versatile Clock Device doubles as a stylish dimmable table lamp. With a wide range of customizable RGB colors, you can set the ambiance to match your mood or décor. Whether you're winding down with a book or setting the perfect mood for a relaxing evening, this lamp has you covered.


  • Bring a Perfect Bedroom Companion.
  • Convenient Fast Wireless Charging.
  • Dimmable Table Lamp with Adjustable RGB Colors.
  • Simulated Sunrise for Gentle Awakening, enhances your sleep and wake-up experiences.

Incorporate the RGB Light Bar Sunrise Alarm Clock into your daily routine and revolutionize the way you wake up. Embrace a more natural, soothing, and technologically advanced approach to mornings. With its elegant design and multifunctionality, it's the perfect addition to any bedroom, helping you greet each day with renewed energy and positivity. Say farewell to groggy mornings and start each day feeling refreshed and invigorated.



Connector Type: USB
Charger Features: Wireless
Charging Adapter Feature: Magnetic
Power Mode: Power Supply
Operating Voltage: 110V (included)-130V (included)
Plug Specification: American Plug