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Toe Separator Hallux Valgus Bunion Reliever

Do you have a Bunion on Your Foot?

Whether or not it is causing you problems, don’t ignore the consequences. It should be addressed as soon as possible to limit the negative repercussions on other joints. This orthotic can be used as a treatment, but also as a form of prevention to limit the progression of hallux valgus by correcting the positioning of the big toe.

TREATMENT for bunions DOESN'T has to involve SURGERY, consider all your options before you commit to drastic action!

PERFECT SOLUTION FOR BUNION PAIN RELIEF-These arch support sleeves includes gel cushion inserts, also known as orthotic bunion pads, which protect the big toe and pinky joints from friction, irritation, and inflammation. Soft, odorless, high-quality materials guarantee a comfortable wear. Textile shell provides the correct and reliable location of the gel pads on the painful place. Fit most foot sizes, suitable for women and men. Intended for extended use. 100% Hygienic and Hypoallergenic.

PROVED EFFECTIVE - Successfully helped 90% of the bunion sufferers. In case the bump is already formed, these sleeves allow to ease soreness from rubbing and prevent calluses, blisters, and corns. These bunion protectors are ideal for you if you feel pain and discomfort in your toe joints and metatarsal bones. Contributes to the disappearance of the symptoms of Hallux Valgus and other joint deformities.

COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE - Put the supporting hypoallergenic sleeve on your foot as shown in the photo to prevent rubbing and protect from soreness. Wear during both day and night time to hold your toes straight and alleviate discomfort. These foot care sleeves provide extra comfort when worn during, long walks and sports activities. Are especially helpful when foot problems only start to develop. With these foot protectors, you will always look forward to the day ahead

The Newest Bunion Corrector Sleeve is just perfect for you and it comes with the Gel Toe Separator for even more adjustment of the bunion!

After long research and various tests made with different bunion correctors and sleeves, our specialists have decided that this is the best combination for a perfect toe realignment and bunion correction. 



  • Able to wear under ShoesSlippersHigh HeelsSport Boots
  • Protects your Bunion.
  • Relief for your Forefoot Insoles.
  • Comfortable, stretchable, and Breathable material
  • Straightens big Toe
  • Can be used Passively while WorkingWalkingShopping, Even Celebrating in High Heels.
  • One Size Fits Most.


  • COMPLETE BUNION PAIN RELIEF: Helps with discomfort, pressure, and inflammation caused by bunions. Cushions and supports the bunion area so that you can take every step with renewed comfort. Bunion corrector is guaranteed to relieve your bunion pain.

  • ABSOLUTE PROTECTION: Medical Grade Gel protects skin while walking and exercising. Gel pad acts as a buffer to shield the sensitive bunion area to prevent painful rubbing from occurring. Activities will now be pain-free and enjoyable again.

  • BUNION RELIEF THAT CAN BE WORN WITH SHOES: This bunion protector can be worn discreetly under shoes, socks, and stockings for undetectable protection. Can be worn in all kinds of shoes including your most elegant pair. Feel and look your best with these bunion corrector sleeves.

  • SECURE, COMFORTABLE FIT: Enjoy the secure fit of these bunion sleeves. These bunion toe straightener sleeves are one size that fits all and can be worn by men and women alike.

Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Type: Orthopedic Supplies
Model Number: FG27
Material: other
Size: 8.8*8.2*4.5CM
Brand Name: PUTIMI