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Waterproof USB Rechargeable 5 LED Headlamp

Silvery + Golden

Illuminate your path and conquer the darkness with the Portable USB Rechargeable Head Flashlight. This remarkable headlamp is your ultimate lighting companion for all your outdoor adventures, whether you're camping, hiking, fishing, or simply in need of hands-free illumination for various tasks. Whether you're exploring a trail, reading a map, or signaling for help, this headlamp has the perfect setting.

The 4 Modes Portable Headlamp is designed to be waterproof, so you can confidently use it in wet or rainy conditions without worrying about damage. Equipped with five powerful LED, this Portable Head Flashlight delivers an impressive and even beam of light, ensuring you have a clear view of your surroundings. One of the standout features of this USB Rechargeable Headlight is its versatility, offering four different lighting modes to suit any situation. With high, medium, low, and strobe modes, you can easily adjust the brightness and focus of the light to meet your specific needs.

The Waterproof LED Headlamp comes with a built-in battery that can be easily charged using a power bank, laptop, or any USB-compatible device. No more dealing with the inconvenience of replacing batteries, as this Lightweight 5 LED Headlight is rechargeable via USB. This eco-friendly and cost-effective feature ensures you always have a reliable source of light without the hassle of carrying spare batteries. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to wear for extended periods without causing discomfort or fatigue, making it perfect for extended outdoor activities.


  • Portable lightweight, and convenient.
  • 4 Modes, and 5LED Decorative Hardware Tools made it unique.
  • Designed for comfort and durability, and USB Rechargeable.
  • The adjustable headband that fits securely on your head or helmet.

This 4 Modes Portable Head Flashlight is not just a lighting tool; it's an essential piece of gear for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. With its waterproof construction, multiple lighting modes, USB rechargeability, and comfortable design, the Portable Head Flashlight is a reliable companion that ensures you have the illumination you need whenever and wherever you need it. Don't let the dark hold you back; light up your adventures with this exceptional headlamp.


  • Feature: Standard
  • Water Resistance Level: Water-resistant
  • Power Source: Rechargeable
  • Included Components: Charging Cable
  • Power Supply: USB Powered