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The WaveCore Ear Buds


Are you a 
serious lover of high-quality wireless earphones when listening to your favorite music, exercising, or talking on your smartphone?  

 Muzackie xT5 (2 in1) uses the latest 5.0 Bluetooth Technology with Hi-Fi Heavy Bass and duel noise reduction technology.   


Why Muzackie?

- Muzackie Charges Your Phone or Smart Device
- Muzackie Best BlueTooth Earphones (High-Quality)
- Waterproof & Life Proof 
- Hey Ladies, A cosmetic mirror ALSO!
- Money-Back Guaranteed if not 100% Satisfied

Never Run Out of Battery: 

Each charge provides you with up to 300-hours of undisturbed sound experience. Plus quick charge of 1 hour. 

Extremely Comfortable & 100% Waterproof

Durable and 100% Waterproof: 

Meant for even the most hardcore use. Whether you are swimming in the pacific or going down the slopes 30mph - these IPX7 rated earbuds will come through, even in the most extreme conditions. 

Conforms to your unique ear shape. Breathable buds prevent sweat, heat, and discomfort from building up. It's so comfortable; you can even go to sleep with them. Feel the music and not the earphones.

Crisp-Clear Treble, Highs, Mids & Lows

Hear instrumentals and vocals the way they were made to sound. FLY® Original Pros deliver incredibly accurate sound quality, giving the immersive experience professionals love.

Deep Smooth Subwoofer Bass

Add depth and bring out sounds you have never heard. Get the full, rich, dimensional sound that almost sounds live. You can use one while the other is charging. Some people love but are not currently getting it from their music.


Q - How long does the charge last for playing?
A - With normal use, you will have 300 hours of music playtime.  

Q - Do I need to worry about sweat and water damaging the earphones?
A - The X-T5 Muzackie uses IPX6 technology which effectively protects the unit from water and moisture. You can use it in the shower and while sweating from exercising 

Q - How long does it take to charge the charging bay?
A - The unit has a 3500MAH large-capacity battery which allows a quick charge in 1 hour.

Q - Can I charge my phone from this unit?
A - Yes, this unit has a large 3500mAh large-capacity battery which allows a quick charge for your smart device or phone.

Q - Can only one earphone be used at a time while the other one is charging?
A -  Yes. You can use one while the other is charging.

Our Guarantee - If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No
questions asked.