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Advanced HyperBlade™️ NMES Electric Massage For Body Pain Relief


Hyperblade™️ NMES Handheld Massager, Gua Sha Tool with Micro vibration and
Microcurrent Muscle and Tissue Relieving, Portable Full Body Massage for Neck, Lower Back, or Legs.

Hyperblade™️ is a sports rehabilitation product. It uses micro-vibration and NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) technology to protect your sports health.


Ergonomic Blade Design " 2020 Never Seen Before - Sleek Design"

The ergonomic curved blade design combines perfectly with any part of the body, so you can easily get the level of a professional therapist.

Micro Vibration

Micro vibration can accelerate muscle relaxation, increase blood circulation, enhances the range of motion, and prevent injuries.

NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) acts on the deepest muscles, reducing accumulated lactic acid and preventing muscle soreness.


Chinese Healing Gua Sha
combined with the science of German technology NMES for the ultimate state-of-the-art massage device.

Cyclists, runners, triathletes, lifters, baseball players, football players, basketball players, and other athletes—beginner or advanced—can use this device to get faster, go longer, jump higher, get stronger, reduce chronic pain, enhance circulation, prevent imbalances, and strengthen the core. Basically any guy or gal who wants a bit of an edge when it comes to health and fitness should try one out.


  • Warm-up
  • Prep for stretches
  • Relax your muscles
  • Improve range of motion


  • Sooth sore muscle
  • Relieve muscle fatigue
  • Repair damaged muscle

Usage method

  1. Apply essential oil or water (In general, if you feel tingling or want better relaxation effect, you can apply essential oil or water).
  2. Press the operation key for 3s, after a "dripping" sound, the device will boot up, and the power indicator light will light up.

  3. Short press the operation key once to shift gear, and a "dripping" will be heard.

  4. Hold the handle, contact the metal blade with the massage part, apply pressure to repeatedly slide back and forth for massage.

  5. Press the operation key for 3s to shut down or automatic shutdown after the 60s of device placement.


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